Western Snow Plows

Western Plows

Snow Pro is a full service dealer for Western Plows. Western has been in business for over 60 years making plows and snow removal equipment. Western provides many different options for a wide range of snow plowing needs. From smaller trucks up to pro contractor grade plows, Western has something to offer.

Western is a leading manufacturer of CONTRACTOR GRADE plows. Western offers snow equipment for heavy-duty and standard-duty commercial snow plowing, institutional, extended-use homeowner and municipal snow removal operations. Western has a full line of snow plows, and a variety of hopper and tailgate-mounted ice control sand and salt spreaders, in addition to a full line of snow plow parts and snow plow accessories.

Western has made a considerable effort in creating new designs over the last few years. They have produced a product video showcasing some of these new designs, which can be viewed on this page. Talk to Snow Pro about your options with the Western Plow line. Snow Pro can help assist your buying decisions and get a new Western Plow installed on your vehicle.

Western Video