Hiniker Means Quality

Hiniker is the best selling brand for Snow Pro. Our customers choose Hiniker Plows over any other brand. Snow Pro is an authorized full service Hiniker dealer. We can provide knowledgeable consultation for your buying decision. After you decide, Snow Pro can do a full installation of your new plow. And after getting some serious use, Snow Pro can provide the maintenance services that keep your Hiniker Plow in the game for years to come.

Snow Pro sells the full Hiniker snow plow product line. From the small skid steer plows, all the way up to the large high-performance models, Snow Pro sells them all. We can help you decide on the best product for your needs.
Hiniker also makes a quick-hitch design that is available on many of their products. This design allows for an easy drive up and connect plow attachment that saves major time. The removal is just as easy. Take full advantage of the Hiniker Plow line and talk to Snow Pro today.

hiniker plow features