St. Louis Hi-Rail Truck Services

Hi-Rail Truck Services

Snow Pro is a Licensed Hi-Rail Truck Services Provider. We can provide installation of new Hi-Rail rigs as well as service existing ones. Hi-Rail is a specialized type of truck modification. Snow Pro has the experience to get your Hi-Rail truck set up professionally and in a timely manner. Call Snow Pro to see if we can meet your Hi-Rail Truck needs.

Hi-Rail Inspections

Hi-Rail Trucks require annual inspections. Snow Pro is a licensed inspector of Hi-Rail truck systems. We can verify that your rig meets all safety requirements for the legal operation of a Hi-Rail Truck. Whatever we discover needs to be corrected can be handled by our staff in our professional multi-bay service area.

Full Service Hi-Rail Shop

The Snow Pro Hi-Rail services are provided in our multi-bay service area. We have the lifts, hoists, and other tools to do the Hi-Rail work properly. Our service technicians are trained in Hi-Rail systems and have the ability to diagnose almost any Hi-Rail problem. We know Hi-Rail sytems are an expensive tool needed to be kept running to maximize the return on the investment for the owner. Our Pro Shop and Hi-Rail Technicians can get you taken care of and back riding the rails.

Hi-Rail Truck System